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Condo House townhouse land warehouse in each province

Home is the 4 most important human factor. It is the center of the family institution. It's where families live, relax, talk, so home is a factor. It's important to live one life, but before we get a house. not easy There is a process of choosing a house that must be studied, there are many things that need to be taken into account. Especially the budget, which is important to determine the style of the house. Because a house is a high-value property, not worth ten thousand baht. But there is a price in the millions, so buying a house for each house must begin to study seriously, starting from finding funds to build a house, finding a house, finding a contractor.

7 steps to choose a house that is right for us

1. Location - the most important thing Must be a location that is convenient to travel near public transport near utilities It is in a location where you can get to the hospital quickly. Near the school, near the market and should not be far from the workplace.
2. Budget - Before buying a home, consider the savings, income and expenses thoroughly. The initial assessment is Banks usually lend about 90-100% of the house's price, so you should have about 10-20% of the house's price (down payment) in savings.
3. Developer (project owner) - should choose a developer who is reputable and trustworthy so that there will be no problems. “Can't buy a house. Buy a condo, not a condo” by Propso. Recommended if you can choose. It is recommended to choose a developer that is listed on the stock exchange.
4. Position and Direction - can be selected from the project layout. To know the location of the house, such as near the clubhouse, next to the garden or swimming pool, as well as the direction of the house, such as south for the air to circulate, or east for the morning sun.
5. House Style - meet the residents completely, such as age, gender, age, such as a large family, a lot of people, but a small bathroom may be a problem. Seniors may need a bedroom on the ground floor. Inconvenient to walk up stairs, etc.
6. Material - usually about floors, walls and various sanitary wares different should have to choose the material and various equipment suitable for use and reasonable price
7. Feng Shui - Do not believe, do not disgrace. need to study various factors Related to good feng shui. whether the direction of the house The shape of the house, the house plan, the location of the rooms including the color About the homeowner's date of birth This is a matter of comfort. make it right according to that principle for peace and happiness and fortune success in life

The most common question for customers is
  • How reliable is the house or condo of a real estate company?
  • Production standards Various materials What is the quality?
  • Locations that the real estate company chooses, what are the advantages and how to meet the needs of life?
  • Facilities that the real estate project has prepared How to facilitate?
  • What is the standard of customer care after sales? How ready are you?
  • and other questions Many more is aware of the problem. Therefore, a system was designed to collect information. and various works of all real estate companies Whether in the form of a public real estate company or in the form of a limited company This allows customers to see past results, number of projects, reasonable prices, layouts, and facilities. that various real estate companies that have been provided before the start of the sale by reducing the steps And the customer decision-making process makes it even easier. more convenient

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